Episode 16 – Steve Paradis & Sara Havens

Steve Paradise, Louisville's King of worm poop.

Steve Paradis, Louisville’s King of worm poop.

Sara Havens from LEO Weekly.

Sara Havens from LEO Weekly.

Rick goes to the best place in town to buy worm poop, Fresh Start Growers Supply, and talks with Steve Paradis about local farming and the healthy food movement. Later, he goes to a bar, of course, to talk with the Bar Belle, Sara Havens, about the LEO Readers Choice awards. In the news, Rick connects two sports stories — criticism of U of L women’s lacrosse coach and the KHSAA’s unfortunate statement on shaking hands after games — to point out that tough coaches and sportsmanship should be a part of the sports landscape. Plus, Rick just finished reading “David and Goliath” by one of his favorite writers, Malcolm Gladwell, and about how Rick Pitino first learned to overcome a talent deficit on the court.

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