Episode 16 – Lore, OnTap and Yazoo!

wtfA last minute surprise, our friend Neil McCormick, brewery rep from Yazoo Brewing (Nashville, TN) stops by to chat and help turn knobs. Lee Rossman from Lore Brewing (Danville, KY) goes against his better judgment and Skypes in to this week’s podcast. We talk to Lee about the Danville, Kentucky Beer Scene, root beer and where he’s distributing to next.  We also have yet another guest, Phil Dearner, the BBC Beer Pimp, come by and crash the podcast. We’ve gotta get better locks. Then, we “review” a “revolutionary new way to enjoy beer”. OnTap is a “liquid flavor enhancer to a domestic light lager and enjoy a craft brew taste at a fraction of the cost”. We Skype in with the owner/creator of this product and it’s reviewed by the LouisvilleBeer.com crew and the brewery reps from Bluegrass Brewing Company and Yazoo Brewing Company. And for the first time in the studio, we crack open a Busch, Old Milwaukee and an Icehouse to test this product out. Tune in to see how it fared. Busy podcast, folks.



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