Louisville Beer 21 – We’re FINALLY Legal! (Plus Tailspin Ale Festival)


The boys finally done gone legal with Episode #21 of the Louisvillebeer.com podcast.  They ain’t talking moonshine, but they did bring in Tish and Trevor of to discuss their upcoming Tailspin Ale Fest.  Tish and Trevor give us some insight into what breweries and beer to expect along with all the parties that made this shindig happen.  For those listening at home, if you listen carefully, you’ll be able to get a Louisvillebeer.com code for a reduced ticket to Tailspin!  Now go order us a shot to celebrate #21!

ED. NOTE:  We goofed up the audio on this episode. The LouisvilleBeer.com blog will have details on what they discussed along with the code for reduced tickets.




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