Rusty Satellite 38 – Les Waters and Stacy Griggs


Stacy Griggs and a big bull.

Stacy Griggs and a big bull.

Rusty enters the worlds of art and business by talking with Actors Theatre’s Les Waters and Stacy Griggs of El Toro.

Waters makes the calls on the new plays at the Humana Festival each year, and also directs a production. I talked with him about the process and how actors manage to memorize so much dialogue. And I learned that Les has worn Chuck Taylors as long as he can remember.
You might say that Stacy Griggs is living the dream — especially if you like showing up at work with people you’ve chosen to hang with, have access to a fully-stocked bar and plenty of workout equipment. Plus,they’re doing innovative work in online advertising at El Toro, as you’ll learn on the podcast.
The calendar says March, so I’m talking hoops and Madness and brackets. There’s good news about the Omni Hotel planned for downtown. In my weekly complaint about our state lawmakers, I gripe about killing a proposed statewide smoking ban. And those wacky Republicans are now trying to court the African-American vote here. It’s all in another excellent Rusty Satellite.

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