EDT 2 – Drew Kulsveen and Paul Tuell

TuellEDTWith our inaugural Eat. Drink. Talk. podcast behind us, we launch into episode 2 with an abundance of Louisville restaurant and drinks news to discuss. We even talk about how to behave at soft openings. (Didn’t know you’d get a manners lesson, did you!)

This week’s show starts with a discussion of the big news this week: Bristol Bar & Grille in Prospect was not allowed by Kroger, it’s landlord, to renew its lease after being a great tenant for 10 years. That means this venerable restaurant will close May 29. Rick and Steve discuss why this happened and who they think might fill in that blank space.

We then move straight on to drinking when Steve interviews Drew Kulsveen, master distiller at Willet Distillery in Bardstown. Merely hoping to learn what new ryes and bourbons were aging in Willet’s rickhouses, Steve instead discovered a massive construction effort underway to add a bed and breakfast in, new visitors center, restaurant and grist mill to the historic property. Rick then talks to Paul Tuell, the branding mastermind behind the line of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskeys. The guys chat about the brand’s creation and the many, many cocktails and foods you can flavor with these delicious products.

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