Jtown Chamber 15 – Melissa Marvel and Matt Meunier

Call it the calm after the storm, if you will, but after an exciting weekend with two big summer events downtown, we’re settling into storm. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of activity, as we discover during the opening segment of the podcast with Jeffersontown Chamber president John Cosby. Our first guest is Melissa Marvel, CEO of the Zoom Group, a Jtown company that supports people with developmental disabilities. The Zoom Group hosts a big fundraiser Thursday at the Parklands featuring WAVE’s Dawne Gee, U of L Lady Card coach Jeff Walz plus plenty of entertainment.

The Mayor has some big news — in the recently passed city budget, the city’s property tax rate has done down. That’s right, without sacrificing services or projects, the city successfully authored a budget with a tax break for property owners.

And Matt Muenier is the man behind a lot of the physical improvements you see around town – from the signature Bluegrass Commerce Park entrance on Bluegrass Parkway to the streetscape plans coming together downtown on Watterson Trail. Meunier talks about some long-term projects that are part of the city’s big picture vision as well.

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