EDT 19 – Tony Palombino, Guy Fieri, and Ken Barkley

edt19kenbarkleyIt’s a special edition of EatDrinkTalk with special guest Tony Palombino, who came to the Louisville.am studio to talk about a controversy that’s making waves in local restaurant circles. Tony’s miffed that a bad review of his Joella’s Chicken property is making the rounds, primarily because it appears to be the work of a non-existent writer connected to rival local chef Griffin Paulin. Steve digs in to the conflict with Palombino in an entertaining interview.

Two local restaurant openings made headlines this week, and Steve sat down with Guy Fieri at the opening of the celebrity’s 4th Street smokehouse. Fieri turned out to be as charming as advertised, and the restaurant seems poised to be a wonderful new addition to the downtown dining scene. Over on East Main, Rick sampled some Vietnamese cuisine at the new Pho Ba Luu (rhymes with BabaLou), the fantastic new spot developed by Andy Blieden. In another headline-grabbing event, Steve had the scoop on Dallas McGarity’s new concept coming to the current Fontleroy’s spot at Bardtown and Grinstead, which will be called the Fat Lamb. If you’re looking for an opportunity to try a new restaurant, 502 Lunch Week gives you a great opportunity to visit more than a dozen for a special price. The promotion includes 14 prominent hotspots around town, including Captain’s Quarters. It was there that Rick visited with Chef Ken Barkley to learn how he manages the big crowds in Prospect. One thing — he’s got 38 cooks in the kitchen.

Of course, the weekend’s packed with activity, including the biggest football game EVER at Papa John’s, which Steve will be watching on a beach somewhere. The next best thing to do is to take a drive to Bardstown for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Next week, acclaimed chef Dean Corbett will guest host the show with Rick.

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