Building Breweries 29 – Against The Grain + Great Central Brewing Co.

I set out in this episode to interview Sam Cruz of Against The Grain (2011) in Louisville, KY. The brewery isn’t yet six years old but has managed to grow their international sales portfolio to about 10%. While visiting Against The Grain, Sam talks to me about ATG’s origins, their previous history with Bluegrass Brewing Company, and their recent collaboration projects with Three Floyds and Hoof Hearted. Interestingly enough, Sam dives into his relationship with Robby Davis, the man responsible for their unique and eye-catching beer labels you see worldwide.

After, I head back home and take a call from David Avram and Conor McFerran of Great Central Brewing to discuss contract brewing in Chicago and their ideas on how to tackle and change a perspective that otherwise holds a negative connotation in the beer community. I need to apologize here because I kept referring to their brewery as Grand Central during the interview. Sorry guys.

29 episodes in and feeling great. Thanks to all that have been keeping up so far! I would like to tease my 30th episode a bit here. It will include some breweries I visit while in Asheville, NC. I’ll also be taking a phone call from a special guest.

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