Rusty Satellite 181 – Dave Moisan and Steve Ulrich

rs181steveulrichDave Moisan won’t be complaining about 2016 — it’s the year his music career took off. Moisan landed a spot on NBC’s The Voice and wowed Blake, Adam, Miley enough that they all turned the chairs for him. But he picked Alicia Keys as his coach and enjoyed a successful run on the national hit show. Now he’s back in his hometown, and will be performing downtown at the Lou Year’s Eve celebration. Moisan, who still has a day job as a medical device salesman, is booking a lot of gigs with his band around town.

I hope you’ll listen to the interview with Steve Ulrich, which contains some eye-opening info about suicide. Steve, who lost his son to suicide, is a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and the treatment of depression. I caught him with him while he was talking to students at Male High School. It’s a serious topic, and you’ll hear some good advice if you know a person who is struggling with depression during the holiday season.

Of course, it’s Christmas week, so I offer up my annual rant about gift cards. As you do your shopping, just remember that giving plastic is the same as giving money with strings attached, and that a lot of that money used buy those cards never gets spent. Of course I know you’re going to buy them anyway. The big news is the opening of the East End Bridge, which I think would have been a better name that what Indiana chose — the Lewis and Clark Bridge. Tolls start next week, so you better get your transponder soon. Merry Christmas Everyone, and enjoy the show.

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