15 – Louisville’s “Crime of the Century” on Lime Kiln Lane in 1934

– DirecTV gives in to Lou Revue pressure

– How Louisville ranks among peer cities

– “Who Am I?” that all Kentuckians SHOULD know, but perhaps none do.

– Why the nation was riveted by what happened at this Lime Kiln residence in 1934

Shout-outs: JCPS folks on Spring Break, Turn3 Band at Gerstle’s April 27, La Provence restaurant, Turners Circus.

Panel: Matt “Boom Boom” Hinton, Diana “Gangster” Lalata, and Becky “Shotgun” Gaslin.

Message us “the phrase that pays” from this week’s show for a 1-in-10 chance to win Heine Bros. coffee!

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