Swan Dive 3: Barry Bernson, Actor

So you say you want to be in pictures?

It needn’t be an elusive dream. Right here in Louisville a man already known for his award-winning broadcasting skills is making it happen. Barry Bernson is a man o fmany talents. From Louisville to Chicago and back again, he has delighted television audiences with his prose and his keen listening skills that have helped him deliver memorable moments of people and places he’s found along the highways and backroads of several states.

Bernson, as many of his friends call him, has also used his voice to interpret hundreds of books for the American Printing House for the Blind. Once you’ve heard Bernson’s voice you’ll never forget it.

Now, that voice, that man, is gaining roles and respect in major motion pictures.

This week on Swan Dive, Barry Bernson’s next chapter and the star studded film he can be seen in next.

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