SwanDive 4: Going Country with Jordan Minton

You know that song you just can’t get out of your head? It’s the one with the catchy lyrics and the toe-tapping rhythm.

Today on Swan Dive, meet the young man from Louisville who is adding to the tunes you can’t forget. Just ask Keith Urban, the country music superstar, about the talented Jordan Minton. Urban just might point to his newest album, “Graffiti U”. Jordan is part of the writing team that added two songs to that latest effort. Urban isn’t alone in recognizing Minton’s talent. Several new names to country music, as well as other established singers, are picking up his work.

So how do you go form Louisville to Nashville and hit it big in just a few short years?  Jump into Swan Dive and you’ll meet the writer, learn about his journey and how he marries words and music to make a chart-topping hit. Jordan Minton, following his dreams and telling us how he did it. It’s this week on Swan Dive.

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