In Portland: Amelia Pillow’s Sally Forth Opening; Richard Sullivan’s Equine Artistry

It’s just three weeks until the BIG DAY in Louisville, and it is beginning to look a lot like Derby around here. Certainly the news is filled with Derby-related items, the weather is improving and this week I’m featuring a business that hopes to open up, you guessed it, by Derby Day. On Wednesday Churchill Downs announced there are even going to be Infield tickets available, and the Derby Museum said it’s going ahead with its annual Gala.

So you’re not on of those people resisting the vaccine, are you? Because that would be dumb, and will cause you to miss out on activities like traveling and going to big events, all because you believe  the  urban myths that it’s somehow going to make you infertile or something. And speaking of indefensible positions. Sen. Mitch McConnell walked back a statement yesterday criticizing corporation for making very democratic positions on voting — like the American idea now opposed by Republicans (especially in Georgia) that every American has a right to vote.

For this week’s Rusty Satellite Show, I went to Portland to visit with a artist whose star is rising in equine circles, and a brewer bringing beer to a part of the city often ignored by retail business. First up is Amelia Pillow, proprietor of the Sally Forth Taproom at Shippingport Brewery, opening at 12th and Main by Derby, she hopes. The place has the energy and vibe that something big is getting ready to happen. I think you’ll like Amelia’s story.

That’s Richard Sullivan’s image you see on the Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby bottles, and on an increasing number of local homes. He’s holding an event April 23 at Paristown Pointe showcasing his latest equine creations, many of which I saw in progress in his studio on the 2nd floor of a former school, the Dolfinger Building. I asked Sullivan, a former pitcher in the Atlanta Braves organization, about the controversy with baseball and politics.

I’m back on my Home Cuisine healthy meal diet, thanks to my friends at Home Cuisine and a sponsor of the show. And if you want to talk buying or selling real estate, call me at 502-439-6391 or visit my eXp Realty web site.

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