2 Women Crying


This past weekend I had two women on separate occasions get into my  taxi crying their eyes out.  On Friday night there was a dispatched run to the Crescent Hill area.  As I approached the apartments I noticed there was a man standing outside in sweats flagging me down.  The first thing he said to me was ‘she’s been hit!’  She came out of the apartment complex a couple minutes later and got in the taxi…crying hysterically.  She closed the door and away we went.  As we pulled out of the complex she screamed and ducked down in the taxi saying ‘that’s him, hurry get out of here!’   I found out that her boyfriend had proposed to her that evening and then they got in a huge fight.  The fight resulted in him punching her in the face and leaving a bump with bruising on her jaw.  I was very concerned and asked if she wanted me to take her to a police station and she said no…’take me to blue mule in J-Town.’  I guess the moral to the story is that  the best way to get over being punched in the face is to have a couple at the bar!

On Saturday night I was in the taxi line at the Downtown Marriott when another women hops in the back seat and we take off.  Almost immediately she begins to start crying.  She can barely calm down enough to give me directions.  Between sobs she tells me St. Matthews and we head out.  She proceeds to tell me that she was at the Marriott for an auction to support a local business.   Her and her  husband were  having dinner and drinks when all of a sudden the urge to bid on a piece took control.  She said that it looked like so much fun to bid and was sure she would be outbid…she wasn’t!  Most people are probably excited when the are the top bidder at an auction.  This winning bid turned out the be the catalyst to a fight between her and her husband.  She was being dropped of at a friends house for the night crying the whole way there.