KFC Yum! Center adds new security measures to Louisville Ky facility

Louisville, Ky., – Patrons of the the KFC Yum! Center will see some changes when they show up to the Downtown Louisville arena. According to the center’s Facebook page, beginning January 14, 2016, metal detectors will be installed at all entries to the building. Purses larger than 14” x 14” x 6” will be forbidden and doors for all concerts and family shows will open 90 minutes prior to show time. As usual, doors will open one hour prior to women’s basketball games and 90 minutes prior to men’s basketball games.

“The safety of each guest who enters the KFC Yum! Center is our top priority at all of our events and we believe that these additional security measures will help us maintain a safe atmosphere for our fans and downtown Louisville as a whole,” said KFC Yum! Center General Manager Dennis Petrullo in a press release posted on WDRB’s webpage. “These procedures are just one part of our larger security planning efforts that includes constant collaboration with the Louisville Metro Police Department and various other entities.”