Religious Liberty bill passes Kentucky senate, Louisville Ky’s Fairness Campaign responds

Louisville, Ky., – Senate Bill 180 passed the Kentucky Senate this week with a 22-16 vote, with five senate republicans siding with all senate democrats in opposing the bill.
According to local news outlets, the bill would allow Kentucky businesses to refuse services to potential customers on the grounds it violates their religious beliefs.
Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman says the measure gives the right to owners to deny service to not only LGBT people, but also single mothers, divorced/remarried and interracial couples.
“Despite bi-partisan opposition to this ‘License to Discriminate,’ our Senate has sent the message that Kentucky may not be open for business for everyone. We hope Kentucky House leaders will show greater wisdom and give this piece of legislation as much consideration as it deserves–none.”
Photo of Kentucky Senators from
Photo of Kentucky Senators from


According to Hartman, states that have passed similar legislation targeting LGBT people have experienced serious economic harm. A recent report from Visit Indy revealed a $60 million loss in tourism and convention dollars from Indiana’s similar law.
SB 180 now goes to the Democrat-controlled Kentucky House for consideration.