LouisvilleKy’s metro council committee sends budget for vote tonight

Metro Council Budget Committee approves 2016-2017 Operations and Capital Budgets for Metro Government

Budget to be considered at tonight’s (June 23rd) Metro Council Meeting at 6 p.m.

Louisville – By a unanimous vote, the Budget Committee of the Louisville Metro Council has approved the 2016-2017 Capital and Operating Budgets for Metro Government with a continued emphasis on  road paving, deferred maintenance and public safety.

“The entire Council came together to develop a budget that invests in our community, workforce and metro assets. The document presented is one to be proud of and one that continues to move our community forward,” said Councilwoman Marianne Butler (D-15), who chairs the Committee.

“Together we were able to find the resources to properly fund road improvements, begin to fix our parks and give our safety officials more resources to address our community’s rise in violent crime. I am proud of the process and the fact that the Council was able to make these adjustments without new revenue or debt.” said Councilwoman Angela Leet (R-7), Vice Chair of the Committee.

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The Committee has approved an amended budget focusing on two key themes of “Investing in our People” and “Investing in Our Places.”

Under “Investing in our People”, the Committee has approved an additional $890,000 for the following:

·        $212,700 for Public Safety

o   More Cameras/ ShotSpotter  Technology

o   HazMat Equipment to Suburban Fire Districts

o   Jail Overcrowding Development Plan

·        $ 600,000 for Public Health

o   $500,000 to the Healing Place Capital Campaign

o   $100,000 to nonprofits for tree planting

·        $100,000 for Workforce Training

·        $480,000 to Community Services

 Under “Investing in Our Places” the Committee has approved an additional $10 million for the following areas: Paving, Sidewalks, Corrections, and Parks.

 ·        $ 5 million will be added to $ 18.1 million proposed in the Mayor’s Budget for increased paving/ road improvements for a total of $23 million

·        $1,090,000 for sidewalks

·        $455,000 for Metro Corrections

·        $550,000 for Park improvements

“I am proud of the balanced budget we are submitting for the full Metro Council’s approval. Since I created the Ad Hoc Committee on Infrastructure and Maintenance, we knew we needed a plan to help our community rebuild. This year’s investment of over $22.4 million for road paving is the first step in a 10 year plan to address this city wide concern. It also address our commitment to public safety,” said President David Yates (D-25). “I would like to thank my Budget Chairs, Councilwoman Marianne Butler and Councilwoman Angela Leet for their dedication to building an operating and capital plan for our next fiscal year.”

The Fiscal Year 2016/201 7 Budgets will be voted on by the full Metro Council on Thursday, June 23, 2016