UberGreen Spaces’ Green Home Tour offers Sneak Peak of its Newest Home in LouisvilleKY

Prospect, Kentucky – UberGreen Spaces & Homes will reveal its newest green home development, titled simply Su Verde (or About Green in Italian) The Proud Green Home of Louisville, in Norton Commons.

The Louisville-based green designer and builder has created what is likely to be hailed as Kentucky’s greenest home developed to date.

“This home isn’t just about energy efficiency, but Su Verde actually has a positive effect on the environment by putting energy back into the grid and repurposing rainwater” says Sy Safi, founder, UberGreen Spaces & Homes. “Almost 90% of our lives are spent indoors which puts great emphasis on the importance of proper design, and a healthy and safe environment for our families.”

green home bed

Su Verde The Proud Green Home of Louisville is all about green in a way that goes beyond energy-efficiency. The home touches on important aspects of our built environment such as Energy, Water, Waste, Indoor Air Quality, Materials, Comfort, Mind, Light, Acoustics, Nourishment, Fitness, Health & Happiness, Biophilia, Biomimicry, Equity and much more.

“The experience of this home is phenomenal. Rarely do we think about comfort, health and wellness in spaces. When you spend time in this home you truly feel what comfort is and what it’s like to be naturally energized from being here,” says Safi. Additionally, nearly all of the art, furniture, decor, and even the flooring is sourced from local artisans and makers, from interior designer, Sandra Perry, owner of Honest Home based in the NuLu neighborhood located off East Market Street.

You can see pictures of the home through the UberGreen website, www.ubergreenhomes.com, or on the company Instagram. www.instagram.com/ubergreenspaces.

Su Verde has been endorsed by one of the most visited industry leading green home media sites in the world today, Proud Green Home founded by Bob Fincher, www.proudgreenhome.com. Articles, white papers and videos can be found at http://www.proudgreenhome.com/topics/proud-green-home-of-louisville/. Their mission is to publish credible and useful online news and information to enables homebuilders, remodelers, architects, developers, product suppliers and others to create more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable homes. Both Sy and Bob teamed up to promote the home
to North America and the world.

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Su Verde The Proud Green Home of Louisville will be available for purchase and open to the public and industry professionals for tours and information/education sessions from Friday, October 14th through Wednesday, October 26th.

UberGreen Spaces & Homes is a creative division of GCCM Construction Services LLC.