LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Cards by 7 TDs?, an Iraqi-born artist, Rabbit Hole Bourbon and a Great Burger

As of Friday morning, the #7 Louisville Cardinal football team is favored by 34.5 points in its ACC football game against Duke. As hard as that is to believe, I think this time Bobby Petrino won’t take his foot off the gas until his team is up by the 7 touchdown margin, because at this point in the season image does matter. And the Cards’ image will certainly be enhanced with a 56-10 win. I’ll see you in the Flight Deck.

This wall is coming down to make room for the spectacular new facility planned by Rabbit Hole

If it weren’t for it coinciding with the game at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, I would be riding down to 1619 Flux for the opening of Vian Sora’s solo show. She’s a native Iraqi with a mission to dispel prejudice in the world, through art. She got here by marrying a Kentuckian, named Jed.

I was treated to a tour of the facility Tuesday by Kara Nichols, who opened the Art + Activism gallery in April. It’s amazing what is happening there in Portland, where in the blocks around it are popping up all sorts of businesses, many associated with art. The Tim Faulkner facility led the way, and Gill Holland’s efforts to raise Portland’s profile seem to be paying off.

Those two remarkable women talk with me on the Rusty Satellite Show this week. My other guest is a remarkable story — Kaveh Zamanian, an accomplished psychologist who decided he wanted to become a bourbon-maker. Be sure to listen in to my fascinating interview, including the story of how his wife admonished him repeatedly about the business’ formation, comparing it to going down a rabbit hole.

2016-10-12-13-16-43My guest co-host is Cyndy Tandy, the local queen of social media and a guest on the very first Rusty Satellite Show back in 2013. Cyndy, a Republican, is at least not supporting Trump, but we get into a spirited discussion of politics.

Here’s the show:


My partner Steve Coomes at EatDrinkTalk seems to know about everything going down in the spirits and dining scene, which becomes obvious if you read his local roundup of news or his in-depth story on the smart backers of Blaze Pizza. Or maybe you would like to live vicariously through his adventures in upscale eating, like this piece on a cocktail-paired dinner at La Chasse.

2016-10-12-13-56-49-hdrListen to our podcast to get caught up on news from Harvest, Red Hog, the Eagle — plus our popular favorites segment in which I devoured this Angry

Talley, Skulas
Talley, Skulas

Goblin Burger from Drake’s. Steve talks with Paul Skulas, who’s opening The Portage in Jeffersonville, while I talk with young master distiller Cameron Talley of Rabbit Hole.



Here’s the podcast:

Our other big adventure this week was checking out the Brown Hotel’s rooftop garden, which hasn’t been open since 1971, and recalling the 1920s, when lunch was advertised for 85 cents. Here’s one of Bill Brymer’s great shots from there.

photo by Bill Brymer
photo by Bill Brymer