Mayor Fischer gives LouisvilleKY a progress report

Louisville, KY., – Last week, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer gave his State of the City address and released a “Progress Report” for 2017. The following is his letter announcing the report and a link to the report, itself:

Letter from Mayor Fischer:

Our city is going through a tremendous renaissance in job growth, construction and educational attainment. We have earned a host of accolades from around the world as a city on the move, because we offer a unique combination of economic opportunity, great quality of life, signature tourist attractions and the zeal to create a community where everyone in every neighborhood has a positive and hopeful future.

Mayor FischerOur global brand is a city with a distinct culture of innovation,
collaboration and compassion.

We do so because, in our great city, we believe in the future, we know our job is never done, and most importantly — we believe in each other.
Thank you.

—Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer

For the full report, click here: