5 years ago: “City Hall’s attacks on county government stand an excellent chance of hurting the business climate in New Albany”

From NA Confidential on June 22, 2018. In retrospect, one part of this equation that I didn’t anticipate was Jeff Gahan’s eagerness to kneecap his own downtown business community via discretionary construction projects timed for his greatest electoral advantage. But here we are.

In my Thursday column, I reproduced a letter published in the newspaper, and in doing so I restored a paragraph …

ON THE AVENUES: Government Lives Matter, so it’s $10,000,000 for Gahan’s luxury city hall clique enhancement. Happy dumpster diving, peasants!

 … that had been excised at the direction of the editor.

City hall’s relocation addresses Jeff Gahan’s pathological hatred of uni-gov. He’d secede from the county if allowed, and he’...Read more