Solving Louisville’s Weight Problem, Is It Cash? The Price for Confidence!

Kentucky has a weight problem, I think most would acknowledge that, however like I have been saying, it’s a WANT not a NEED issue. You have to want to feel better and be willing to do the work necessary.

There are basically two ways of being motivated: fear and pleasure. When it comes to losing weight most are pushed by some fear of getting sick, hurt or aging. There’s another way people are motivated too and that’s, COLD HARD CASH! So let me ask you this,

“If I gave you two thousand dollars for every pound you lost, when would you start, how much would you lose and what kind of excuse would you make not to do so?

You would start before you could read this entire article, lose as much as possible and make not one excuse, correct? Let me ask you the same thing only in a different way,

“What price would you put on having more confidence?”

Can you even put a monetary value to a certain kind of mind set; my friend Dawn can?

I met Dawn (54) on May 24th. She had a few goals to meet in her personal, fitness and business life. What we both (well I did) didn’t realize at the time was what being out of shape had cost Dawn in the business world. With a few very simple steps and some consistent work Dawn lost fourteen pounds in two months. During the process Dawn had forgotten that she was up for a review and possible raise at work so losing weight was not connected to the review. As the interview approach Dawn mentioned to me that she was afraid to ask for what she felt she was worth, because of her self-worth and how she felt mentally and physically.

Seeing how Dawn’s persona had changed after losing the weight, I challenged her to ask her boss for EXACTLY the amount she wanted. At first I didn’t even believe she would get it, with the economy and the amount she wanted, however, “You don’t have because you don’t ask, right?” To her credit she asked with out blinking an eye. To both our amazement, Dawn received exactly what she asked for, a thirty thousand dollar a year raise. Wow! An outcome directly related to how she felt inside and out, I believe.

What is confidence worth to you now Dawn? I asked. “Well about thirty thousand dollars more a year to start, and a vote of confidence that I can’t put a price on.” She replied.

For Dawn it was tangible, for you it may not be so evident. Even so, what if there is even a slight chance that getting exercising and losing some weight translates into such numbers and benefits?

The bottom line, there is NO price you can put on having more confidence, it’s personal and a value only you can decide. Think about it the next time you make excuses not to get in better shape and feel good! No matter how you are motivated remember, every excuse you make surely will cost you thousands!

Greg Ryan is an accomplished author, personal trainer, life coach and owner of Resolutions Preventative Health Care through Fitness for Seniors and Diabetics in St. Matthews.