Year Two: Who Came Back and Who Got Married

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Is This All You Got?: Gov. Beshear released a list of top 10 accomplishments, which was pretty easy to poke fun at, as John David Dyche did in his C-J column today. Example — Beshear took credit for creating 13,718 jobs, but didn’t have anything to do with many of them, and all those announced didn’t necessarily come to fruition.

Boel's debut on WAVE

Cozy With King: Looks like Jim King will get an unprecedented second consecutive term as president of the Metro Council at the next Council meeting. Though usually the president serves a year and steps aside, this time everybody’s so happy with King’s relationship with the Mayor that he’s getting another term. (WFPL)

Boel is Back: John Boel’s first story for WAVE 3 was this one, about a homecoming at Fort Knox with returning soldiers. He didn’t slip up and got the call letters right. (WAVE)

Another Debut: WHAS-TV’s Chelsea Rabideau did her first story on WHAS-TV, about a church. (WHAS-TV) And here’s something weird. In her story, she interviews the pastor, Willa Fae Williams, who 30 years ago was my Geometry teacher at Iroquois High.

Today’s Edition of Mr. Obvious: I can’t figure out why, in a story about the development of the East Market District, the Courier’s story led with a quote from Nina Moseley saying businesses there didn’t want homeless people around. Of course they didn’t, and the decision by Gill Holland and his investment group to buy out Wayside Christian Mission made development in NuLu possible.  The New York Times featured this NuLu property, on the market for $379,000. I don’t think it would be there if not for displacing Wayside.

Watch for Cats: UK is making its annual pilgrimage to Louisville for a home game tonight at Freedom Hall. John Calipari’s sacrificial lamb is Arkansas-Little Rock.  UK moved up to #2 in the national rankings after Saturday’s win over the Cards, who dropped all the way from 4th to 11th (about where they should have been all along).

J-town Welcomes Mitch:  The senior Senator from Kentucky will speak to the Jeffersontown Chamber today at Wildwood Country Club.

Who Got Married?: Close watchers of Facebook and local celebrities noted that WHAS Radio DJ Terry Meiners, on Saturday, went from “being in a relationship” to “married.” His bride is long-time girlfriend Mary George.  Congratulations to the happy couple.