A Better-Than-Ever Kind of Year

I found out on Facebook that I had a pretty big year in 2013. I was reviewing the posts there, and in its social media wisdom the site lists the posts that got the most attention.

People generally try to be nice. I got a ton of sympathy in May when I had knee surgery and, since there was a lot of sitting around in front of the computer involved, put up several posts about the ordeal. One got 47 Likes.  The doctor did miraculous work on me and I was on the road to recovery in no time, in fact riding my bike in the Mayor’s Memorial Day Ride less than two weeks after. Still, I wasn’t some 22-year-old jock, and recovery was difficult, especially taking off from racquetball for the better part of six months. Today I’m playing as hard as ever, but have to admit to being a step slow and less mobile. Yes, older.

But it’s great to be doing so.

The biggest 2013 surprise was that I started doing a weekly podcast that followers of my social media life know as The Rusty Satellite Show. I had no idea when Dan Vonderheide called me last summer that I’d eventually get up to 27 shows, 54 conversations with the “Most Interesting People in the ‘Ville”, get a great sponsor in Passport Health Plans and even get some t-shirts done.

But my followers on social media are certainly more likely to respond to posts about my sons or an occasional story in Insider Louisville. Or, of course, my love life.

Take note — I make it a policy not to write about this publicly. The one time I discussed it on my podcast, it prompted an angry comment from someone I don’t know whose opinion was that I was “an idiot and a jerk.” Ouch. But maybe the highlight of the year. In July I met someone who seems to enjoy my company, and now I’m pretty happy in that area, so there’s no more online dating, singles parties or awkward “Let’s meet for a drink” moments.

So 2013, you’ve been great to me, a lot better than 2012, or 2011, or 2010….you get the idea. Here’s to more in 2014.

On this week’s Rusty Satellite Show, I talk with Mark Coomes of Insider Louisville about the big weekend for Cardinal faithful. And because it helps to think of something sunny, I asked John Ashton to come in and talk up some golf.