A Desperate Green, Decision for JCPS and Winston’s Women

Two big stories, plus crime, are dominating the news during this respite from weather-related crises — Judy Green and the JCPS superintendent search.

Green did an interview with WHAS Monday

This is What Desperation Looks Like: Judy Green “believes racism is involved and that she’s being targeted” after five Metro Council members began the process of removing her. A grand total of 20 people showed up to support her at a rally yesterday. Green says she’s going to fight it and is “disappointed” that her colleagues voted to do this to her. The gutsy Council members were Kevin Kramer, Tina Ward-Pugh, Barbara Shanklin, Madonna Flood and Stuart Benson.

Anybody else but Green, and possibly Anthony Weiner, would have already resigned given the embarrassing charges that have been proven before her by the Ethics Commission. But I think Green desperately needs the $42K salary her seat pays. Ward-Pugh, in yesterday’s press conference, all but asked Green to give up.

This is About Race, Too: I don’t expect either of the two candidates for superintendent of JCPS to be offered the job, but if either Christine Johns-Haines or Donna Hargens is picked, there will be plenty of opposition from the NAACP and the Metro Human Relations Commission, the latter of which says it wants a minority candidate. The school board is in a special meeting this afternoon. Most of the informed folks I’ve talked with think Hargens is the Board’s choice.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Idiots With Guns Do: 56-year-old Michael Bishop took care of those darn kids ringing his doorbell in Glenmary and running off. He brought his shotgun out on the porch and plugged a 12-year-old in the back.  That’ll show ’em. Fortunately, the kid is expected to survive.

Yes, We’re Fat: But read this New York Times piece about Louisville’s battle against obesity, and it’s obvious that some of the city’s efforts are starting to work. Still, one study says 6 of 10 people around here are seriously overweight, and Kentucky ranks 7th in the U.S. for obesity.

Mark Your Calendar: The next Breakfast of Champions will be at a new location — the Crown Plaze Airport — and feature what promises to be a great discussion of the role of non-profits here. Our speaker is Kevin Connelly, director of the Center for Non-Profit Excellence.  It’s July 11 at 7:30 a.m. Sign up on our Facebook page.

Better Title — How I Did 1,000 Women a Year: Former UK and NBA basketball star Winston Bennett has a new book out, “Fight for your Life.” It’s about his battle with sex addiction, and details what he told an ESPN interviewer and Kent Taylor in the Voice-Tribune — that he had sex with “1,000 women a year for 10 or 15 years at least.” He’s now coaching college hoops in Mayfield, at Mid-Continent University.