A Foursome of Worthy News

Enjoying the rain? Geez. Enough already.

Lamb's station in Idaho dropped news

Bill Lamb Cuts News on Local Station:  The station, though, is in Nampa, Idaho, where Block Communications (which also owns WDRB-TV) lost its affiliation with the Fox Network last spring. On Monday, Lamb announced the station is dropping its local news. Right after it severed ties with Fox this year, the station said it planned to ramp up its news, but apparently that doesn’t work without a network affiliation.

Yes, You Can Video The Cops:  Ever walk up to a crime scene with a video camera? It’s likely you got some grief from the cops, but a federal court has ruled that video recording the police in a public place is a constitutional right for all U.S. citizens.  That’s a big First Amendment victory for all of us.

The New Chief: Yesterday’s big news was the hiring of a guy named Ish as our interim police chief.  Ishmon Burks seems well qualified and, more importantly, doesn’t want the full-time job, which is likely to be filled from within.

Signs the Economy is Turning: Yesterday there was a big announcement that may herald a turning economy. The long-delayed RiverPark Place is back.  The big change is that the Steve Poe-led development is now planning apartments, rather than condos. 166 of those apartments are expected to be ready in 2013.