A Good Friday in Louisville

Yay! Friday. Yay! It’s not raining. How about some good news.

No More Stamps: Should taxpayers foot the bill when Metro Council members want to provide Cokes at public meetings? Should we pay for tickets so members can attend high-priced events? Gift cards to constituents for winning decorating contests? Jim King wants a ruling from the County Attorney on what’s OK and not OK for members to spend their discretionary funds on. I suspect the free gift card party is over.

Miraculous Science: U of L researchers are making headlines in the world of science, coming up with a new treatment that allowed a paralyzed California man to stand and walk on a treadmill. 25-year-old Rob Summers, injured when hit by a car, even regained some sexual function. The LA Times writer, though, first credited the research to UK.

Refuting Science: Yesterday the state approved $43 million in tax incentives for a Kentucky amusement park that will teach visitors that man walked around with dinosaurs and that there was a flood and every animal species hopped on an ark to survive.

Big Bike Party: Ride on down to Fourth Street Live on your bike today for the big Bike to Work party. This morning, Mayor Greg Fischer biked it in from Seneca Park to City Hall.

You Can Text Over There: Who thought that a golf tournament would have to have a social media policy? At next week’s Senior PGA at Valhalla, there will be designated areas of the course where you can text to your heart’s content about what Kenny Perry’s doing. From the release:  “Spectators will be allowed to use mobile devices/cellular phones for incoming and outbound calls in designated areas.  They may receive and send text messages and check data on the golf course away from play. . . During the Championship, spectators will be able to follow several Facebook and Twitter pages for “behind the greens” access, the most up to date scores, chances to win prizes and much more.”

C-J – Tower of Triviality:   Execs at the Courier are bitching about a David Williams ad that uses comments like this one: “Steve Beshear: Tower of Incompetence” and credits them to the paper, when the words actually appeared in conservative John David Dyche’s column. Not that anyone would think the paper supports Williams.

Punk at  NuLu: Metro Government awarded some loans yesterday, including $40K for Gabriel to open “Taco Punk” at 736 E. Market, serving creative tacos.  The NuLu District gets another facade loan for a building at 711 E. Market.

Hoops!  In December, the Cards get Vanderbilt at home in the Big East-SEC Challenge, while UK hosts St. John’s.

Spend a Night with Caravaggio: tonight at the Speed Museum, you can get your first peek at a Caravaggio and hear some great music.

Camping, shown here, says it's all over Saturday

Don’t Quit Your Job: The world won’t end on Saturday, as predicted by this 89-year-0ld dude named Harold Camping, who figured it out using MATH. It only applies to true believers, who will be swept up to Heaven sometime Saturday. The rest of us will spend the day after Judgment Day around here.