A Louisville musician begins the trek across the pond…

I’ve played a lot of shows in Louisville recently, in preparation for a tour of the United Kingdom. Today, it begins. The life of an indie-artist isn’t glamorous, but I’m using the power of the Universe to make it a bit more comfortable than usual. This morning I write you from the Delta SkyClub at the airport, which has a lovely display of free bagels, oatmeal, coffee, chocolate-covered pretzels, and vodka. I am currently consuming four of those, and I’ll let you decide which ones.

Today I’ll be hitting four different airports, but I have only two flights. Do that math, folks. Why? One of those Seinfeldian moments when I fly into LaGuardia, but make a connection at JFK. That means getting from the far end of Queens to the far end Brooklyn (with no time for a detour to Bagel Bob’s on University Place) and TWO trips through airport security. But back to the power of the Universe: it’s going to be a smooth, fun, ride, and my bag will be awaiting me in Manchester, England.

Quick travel tips:

*Those fancy AmEx cards are totally worth the service and free stuff in the airport business lounges.

*I am clearly a spoiled brat. Or maybe it’s just another Seinfeld moment … once you’ve traveled well, you really can’t revert. Hence the reason I’m done with dirty tour vans and abusive lead singers.

*My accordion is not as heavy as I remembered it. Either I’ve been working out in my sleep, or it’s merely the beginning of a tour. Ask me how heavy Big Red is in two weeks.

*It really does make you feel better to check your purse/pocket for your passport every three minutes.

Now if you could all please now join me in sending out Business Class Vibes to the Universe, that would be great. Thanks.