A LouisvilleKY ad We Won’t Be Using

You’re certainly getting your money’s worth here at LouisvilleKY.com lately.  Great posts from Cindy, Brigid, Al, Gabe and Kirk in the last 24 hours.

And I thought I ‘d share this from the “House Ads we’re Not Using Pile” provided by Jason.

Cat Makes Deadspin: All the local TV stations carried this news about Louisville spring breakers getting in trouble at a Panama City hotel, but you had to go to the blogsphere to learn that the chief troublemaker, the one who tackled a security guard by the pool, was one Daylen Hall, a St. X senior and UK recruit, whose free ride may be in jeopardy. I’m sure his parents are proud. The 1:45 mark is the key spot on the YouTube clip.

Another Reason to Dislike Richie: The Williams-Farmer campaign seems to think that the key issue in the Governor’s Race is abortion. The divorced duo is touting “family values” and its Kentucky Right to Life endorsement in its latest email.  I just hope Kentuckians aren’t buying into that crap.

Maria Menounas coming to the Mint Jubilee

Thunder Going Down Under Water:  The latest news from the city is that Cox Park is going to be closed due to flooding, as will, it seems, most of Waterfront Park. You really should reconsider going down there Saturday. And more rain is coming.

“gorgeously antiquated erection”: That phrase is from a Culture Maven post about C.D. Kaplan’s 25th trip to New Orleans for JazzFest.  It makes for good reading. I talked with the Maven himself at the public radio station this week, and assured him we’d love to show off his work here.

Celebrity Announcement Time: It’s that time of year, when parties announce what celebrities are coming to town. New from the Mint Jubilee: Maria Menounas. Bob Costas. And from American Idol — Jordin Sparks, whoever that is. Mint Jubilee.