A Payne-Full Chain of Events

The fact that a local blogger filed a lawsuit because of something on the Internet that he doesn’t like is pretty ironic.

But I’m hearing from a lot of people who are taking some measure of delight in the story. Yesterday the C-J reported that Jake Payne, operator of Page One Kentucky and The ‘Ville Voice, had filed a suit in Jefferson Circuit Court “asking a judge to order an anonymous blogger critical of Payne to reveal himself and remove “false and defamatory” comments.”

My advice to Jake would have been to ignore the unflattering attention and wait for it to go away. But that’s not his style.

So now more and more people are aware that there’s a web site devoted to tearing down his reputation. After being taken down briefly yesterday, I see it’s back up now.

As for his legal case, it’s laughable that a judge would take the lawsuit seriously, but we will see. So now it’s up to the gossipy blog people, like us, to figure out who’s doing the site. There’s been plenty of speculation, and plenty of candidates with unfavorable views on Payne’s work. And there are plenty of politicos out there experienced in putting up web sites damming politicians.  And none of them ever get sued.

I have been in touch with “Not Jacob Payne” but I have no idea who it is.  NJP wrote to me this morning. “Am in a bit of a holding pattern until I’ve finalized counsel,” was the response. And my impression of NJP, based on emails I’ve gotten, is that he/she has been thorough in assuring that his/her identity won’t be compromised. And that he’s “lawyered up” and ready for the public fight.

Disclaimer: I am the founder of The ‘Ville Voice and was Jake’s business partner from 2007-2009.  But I am not involved in that enterprise in any way.

If you’ve got a guess as to the identity of the blogger, leave it here in the comments.