A Walk on the Wild (Ginger) Side

I can't say that I'm really adventurous when it comes to cuisine, but when Claudia told me she loved sushi, I proposed that we make it a sushi night. She chose the Wild Ginger in the Highlands, open a few months now in the old Cafe Metro spot. [caption id="attachment_721" align="aligncenter" width="448" caption="These guys never stopped moving at Wild Ginger"] [/caption] Now I can count my sushi experiences with my fingers -- I went once to that now-closed Raw place on 4th Street, on a work outing to Asahi in St. Matthews, and maybe another adventure I can't really remember. It WAS Friday night, and we didn't have a reservation when we walked in about 8. So we got a high-top table next to the front door, which was bad in terms of the breeze and presence of people waiting for their tables at my shoulder, but good for the view of sushi chefs behind the counter and the array of individuals walking in the door. Most were dressed nicely for their seats in the plusher, private part of the restaurant, with the exception of one woman with the nerve to show up and sit at the bar in pajama pants adorned with...Read more