Adjusting to a City Without Strippers

U of L’s Wednesday game got top billing on ESPN last night, and the Cards showed future opponents how to beat them — denying the three and playing intense, hand-in-your-face defense.  Check out Gabe’s piece.  Not mentioned during the game broadcast: Karen Sypher, who seems, maybe, to have run out of rope and will be sentenced tomorrow.  experts say she goes to the pokey for 5 years, minimum.

This guy might not come back to a town without strippers

Unhappy in Overalls: Fox41 found some farmers willing to go on camera to complain about Louisville’s new no-nudity ordinance.  300,000 people here for the Farm Machinery Show. Quote from a guy in a John Deere hat: “If I’d have known this, I’d a stayed home.”  Let’s see how silent  Bob Henderson, and GLI, and the CVB, and the Mayor are when one of these big shows leaves town for good.

Would the NBA Come to a City Without Strippers?: In a widely-publicized interview, NBA Commissioner David Stern talked about NBA expansion cities, and mentioned eight not named Louisville. But I got  a call from Dan Johnson Monday night assuring me that Stern is serious about Louisville because we’ve got the guys with the money it would take to move the team in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Those Crazy ROCK Folks are Threatening Cops: The Clarksville police chief says the anti-porn group, which claims Theatair X is a breeding ground for gonorrhea,  is responsible for threats to his well-being. So Dwight Ingle says he is going to sue them.

Green – Door: Metro Councilwoman Judy Green is the target of an ethics complaint over her Green Team fiasco, in which she hired family members, including her husband, for a cleanup project in the West End.  She should hurry up and resign before somebody figures out she did something illegal and charges her with a crime.

Back in the News – Cordish: In response to the closing of Borders, the Mayor’s Office has a huge new agenda item for its upcoming meeting with Cordish, which manages Fourth Street Live – replacing an anchor tenant. Wonder how much Cordish will want from government to find a new tenant?

Easy Money for JCPS: Leave it to a JCPS official to come up with a stupid argument against school bus advertising — Mike Mulheirn is worried about the ads withstanding multiple washings and looking bad. Mike, you ever seen a city bus?

Same Story – Nothing from Frankfort: In this case, Kentucky lawmakers’ decision to do nothing on passing a bill capping payday loan rates is the right one. Despite Rep. Darryl Owens annual push for the bill, let me remind him again that the people who get in trouble with loan sharks enter the agreements of their own accord. Owens would be better off counseling victims than changing laws.

Bridge Energy, Envy: I’m trying to figure out why supporters of the Bridges project brought in Rick Pitino and John Calipari to get the 800 business leaders fired up about it. Then there was this goofy quote from the Governor: “Any project that can get those four coaches in the same video is going to be successful.” (the other coaches were IU’s Tom Crean and Butler’s Brad Stevens.)

New Rule: If you want to drive high school students to school, you can’t date them, even if they’re 17 and hot. Student quote: “I think it’s kind of creepy and weird that an old man would want a girl.”