All-Star Night Downtown

It looks like a great night to take in a Bats game and a meal at Browning’s. Plus, they’re playing the Gwinnett Braves, and we’ll be toasting the record FOUR (4) Bats who made the Triple A All-Star team — Devin Mesoraco, Jeremy Hermida, Zack Cozart and Yonder Alonso. Did I mention it’s dollar beer night?

Browning’s sent a news release today after I’d written my story on the new ownership at the Slugger Field restaurant. Anoosh Shariat and Paula Barmore will still be open for another month, and seem thrilled to be passing on their business to some enthusiastic beer promoters. And Shariat says he will continue to operate a catering business and will participate in local charitable events.

Fans of Transparency: Check out my guest column in the Voice-Tribune, as I vent my opinion that all this focus on transparency can only be good for the future of local government.

Don’t Say Gay in the C-J: Or you’ll hear from the homophobic bigots who feel it’s OK to make some really ugly comments. 184 of them at last count.

Sorry, Nick: LEO’s Music blog is reporting that WFPK-FM has fired late-night DJ Nick James, speculating he wasn’t bringing in enough listeners.

Agreed: On Joe Elliott’s radio show today, we solved many of the city’s problems. For one thing, we agreed that JCPS is wasting $14K paying an interim superintendent to show up at work for a month. And that the problems at JCPS aren’t going away with Sheldon Berman, who, according to this, wants everyone to love his legacy. So much so that he assigned staff members to produce a booklet, that touts Berman’s accomplishments, including implementation of the student assignment plan, concluding that the district is in much better shape that it was in 2007. So why’d the Board fire this guy?

Rick on the Spot: Joe asked me who was doing a good job in TV news, and I came up with WHAS-TV’s Adam Walser, WLKY-TV’s Duane Pohlman and WDRB-TV’s Bennett Heaberle. Then he asked about weather, and after we dissed the local stations’ collective overemphasis on severe weather, I talked up Kevin Harned and Marc Weinberg.

That Crazy Glenn Beck: The dude is nuts, yet somehow entertaining, and he may be making media history. Tonight is the last night for the former local DJ on Fox News.  But he’s starting a new live streaming show that airs two hours a day starting in September. You’ll be able to see it on your computer or mobile device, but not on TV.  You have to sign up for it here.