All Your Real News About Louisville

If only it were true.. . .

Fake, Fake, Fake: Hey, I’m a little busy doing the ROFL thing with LEO’s Fake April Fools issue. It came out today, so you know to be prepared when the real jokes start coming tomorrow. The cover story really is priceless. Favorite fake quote, from a fake Charles Buddeke “. . . none fulfill our vision, funding requirements or insatiable sexual appetites quite like a floating pleasure dome where social mores do not apply.”

But this is Real: The city issued its first citations under the new adult entertainment ordinance. PT’s on East Market, along with 2 clubs on 7th Street, were cited by Metro ABC officers for not being properly licensed, though officers witnessed “. . .dancers performing topless and giving nude lap dances. . .”   The last appeal by attorney Frank Mascagni, to the Supreme Court, was denied this month.

Wonder how they’d do against UConn?:  WLKY-TV has 16 staffers in or on way to Houston for the Final Four.  Those who can’t get enough blue will likely get a minute-by-minute account of John Calipari’s eating schedule.

Fischer and Fast Buses: Yesterday Mayor Fischer said it’d be really cool to have bus rapid transit (buses that sit low to the ground and look like trains) to get people from U of L to downtown. I wasn’t there, but I wonder it’s even on his radar screen that one transportation solution being championed by Councilman David James is to convert those one-way streets to two-way, facilitating easier movement and business activity.

Nice shorts, Richie

Where Are The Accents?: The David Williams-Richie Farmer campaign bought some radio time around the state to air this spot voiced by a professional radio announcer.  I’d much prefer to hear Riche’s  Clay County twang and that folksy Williams accent. And I know it’s in the plan to take advantage of Richie’s connection to UK basketball, and the timing to coincide with the Final Four is just right, but putting him in those shorts in their video spot?  The Republican primary is May 17.

We Really Want to Watch: Karen Sypher, unless some judge is willing to give her some mercy, is supposed to report to prison on Florida next Wednesday.  The big question is, will local stations send crews on the road to follow her? And how can WHAS-TV continue using that photo of her in the purple Derby hat?

Oh, You’re Still Getting Ripped Off: Gov Beshear says the Special Session is over, but according to this, we’re still paying $63,500 a day for our legislators to sit on their asses.  The Guv says –  “All that the Senate majority needs to do is pull out their checkbooks and write a check back to the Commonwealth for any pay that they receive after last Thursday, the last day that anybody worked up there.”  The Senate is scheduled to go back to work April 6.