All’s Right in Louisville

Taking on the Mud Hens tonight

All is indeed right with the world. It’s opening day for the Louisville Bats, Karen Sypher is sleeping in a jail cell, and somebody around here bought a $218 million lottery ticket in Clarksville.

And did you know that Dontrelle Willis, who won 22 games for the Florida Marlins in 2005, is on the Bats’ opening day roster?

Only one local TV station (Fox41) covered the shenanigans going on with the end of the special session in Frankfort yesterday, though they all found time to cover a story about a cop shooting a dog.  And yesterday was a terrific traffic day here at

Speaking of Sypher: I still don’t think we’ve heard the last of the Karen Sypher saga. Interestingly, WAVE-TV claimed an exclusive on its late news last night because it had gotten some really long-range video of Sypher walking around the prison complex.  Other stations I watched did the right thing and pushed the story down in their newscasts.

Lead Story – Cops Shoots Dog: Every local TV station had an interview with this disgusting woman whose dog was shot by a cop. This is what’s wrong — or is it right? — with TV news. WHAS-TV used helicopter time for this breaking story that led their late news.

Beshear Not Talking About Ad Campaign: Though he has no primary opposition, the Gub-ner is running radio ads all over the state, but wouldn’t talk about them with cn/2. Guess he’s just responding to the David Williams spot that just started airing.

Downtown Site: I’m wondering why the Louisville Downtown Management District felt it was necessary to start a new web site about what’s going on downtown, and whywebsite“> Fox41 would consider it a story worth covering.

The Kingdom Won’t Come: I heard from Ed Hart, who’s trying to persuade stubborn politicians that investing in the reopening of Kentucky Kingdom would be an economic boom. He says he wasn’t too “cordial and polite” with city officials who denied funding.  I can’t imagine him holding on until January in the hopes that the state will come through with funding.

Not a Big Gambler: Kentucky’s leading hypocrite, David Williams, is the subject of a spoof Twitter account. Sample tweet: Senate still hasn’t adjourned yet, which means more gambling money for me! Who wants to hit the casino tonight?

Speaking of Funny, Fake Stuff on the Internets: You probably know I created The ‘Ville Voice web site, and that it’s now run by my ex-partner, Jake Payne.  And you may know that he’s the subject of a site that’s pokes fun at him.  Further, you might be checking out my pal Terry Boyd’s coverage of the site and its relative importance in local journalism, which is minimal.  I’m not adding fuel to that fire, and I don’t know who’s behind the fake site. I’ve not been associated with the site since Sept. 2009.  Though, I’ll admit, I’m fascinated by it in the same way I want to know what’s going on with Charlie Sheen.