An Easy Date to Remember Edition

Whatever you think the significance of 11-11-11, enjoy it. I looked it up, and found that nothing really unusual goes on just because of the numerically odd numbers associated with the date.  However, 3,500 couples have obtained wedding licenses for the date in Vegas. These are people who have a hard time remembering anniversaries.

There are plenty of great Veterans Day events going on, including a parade downtown. Yesterday, some local meteorologists were openly cheering the prospect of snow (Jude), even working hard to find adn get video of three flakes that fell up in Indiana. But the weather around here is going to be fantastic.

Speaking of weather, John Belski is predicting a 20-inch plus winter, a lot more than our usual 14 inches. I heard him on Joe Elliott’s show saying that he’s expecting a lot of snow this winter, and that it could even get to 30 inches. Belski is promoting his new book.

Luster took this shot of Lyndon Johnson in the White House

But the big journalism news in town is the retirement of C-J photographer Bill Luster. He’s been at the paper for 42 years. That means he started at the C-J in 1969. If you don’t know him, you’ve seen him. He’s the vertically-challenged guy carrying around multiple cameras at every major news event you’ve been to around here, and he’s universally regarded as the best in the business. And a great guy to boot.  Check out the photo gallery in the C-J.

Seriously, John Boel did not drop an F-Bomb during an interview with Dawne Gee.  But it sounded like he did, which started an online free-for-all on WAVE’s Facebook page. Boel, promoting his book about his recovery from alcohol addiction,  joined in, writing: “I was starting to say “It finally hit me.” But cut it off and said “It hit me.”  Boel added: “Please folks, think about it. I’m guilty of a lot of stuff, but not trying to drop f-bombs when describing the photos my daughter sent me in rehab. Thanks to all the people who watched the interview and sent me incredible notes afterward, without mentioning my alleged foul mouth.”

Gee overdid it apologizing to viewers, writing  “I have replayed it over and over. I don’t know what happened. I did not hear that as he sat next to me. Neither did anyone in the studio really. I don’t think he meant to…I really can’t say. I am so sorry if that is really what he said…”

Breakfast with a Champion: Bright and early Monday morning our guest at the bi-monthly Breakfast of Champions is Dr. Blaine Hudson, co-author of a great new book “Two Centuries of Black Louisville.”  It’s at the University Club. $15 for a hot buffet breakfast and great networking with the city’s movers and shakers.  Join us for the last BOC of the year.

The Big Red Machine’s Johnny Bench is in town to get an award from Louisville Slugger and promote the Museum’s big memorabilia auction.  Bench represents the best era of baseball for people fortunate enough to grow up in this region, and has enjoyed a relatively quiet and lucrative retirement for 28 years as a celebrity spokesman.  He’s doing a factory tour this afternoon.

And how about that Michael Bush? Last night he led the Raiders to a 24-17 win at San Diego, rushing for 157 yards and catching three passes for 85, threatening a single-game total yardage record held by Bo Jackson.