An Offensive Quote and Some News-Making Women

We’re all about local news here at, and especially news about media, and politics and the stupid stuff that people do.  Here’s a little bit of each:

Jump on Forgy: It’s time the state GOP sends Larry Forgy to a nursing home, or at least keeps the 1995 Governor’s Race loser from talking to the media.  He told the Herald-Leader that the only reason Jerry Abramson is on Steve Beshear’s ticket is “to attract New York and Hollywood Jewish money.” He add to the offense, saying “There’s no other reason why to pick a big-city, liberal mayor to run for lieutenant governor in a rural, conservative state like this.” Jonathan Miller, a former state office holder, who’s Jewish, wrote  in Huffington Post how the religion-baiting won’t hunt any more.

Of course, You Can’t Act Gay in Hazard: While Forgy’s comment might not raise eyebrows in rural Kentucky, we still live in a state where you can get kicked out of a public swimming pool for acting gay.  The Hazard case, as reported by WFPL, has resulted in a ban on public displays of affection and a bunch of new signs going up.

Branching Out: I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that my empire on BranchOut keeps expanding.

WHAS-TV's Claudia Coffey. PHOTO: C-J.

Classy Chic Chick: Did you see the HerScene piece on WHAS-TV anchor Claudia Coffey? The well-traveled TV personality, who grew up in the South End before her career took her to New Orleans, Milwaukee and Washington, recently did a piece on her 4-year-old son’s heart condition for an on-air piece. Jack also threw out the first pitch at a recent Bats game.

Admired Women: WHAS-TV’s Renee Murphy was Today’s Woman magazine Most Admired Woman in this year’s voting. In nine years of giving out the awards, the media award has gone to a news anchor a total of . . . 9 times. Guess that shows the power of TV. Murphy is certainly a woman to be admired. Other notable winners this year include Cindi Sullivan (Home & Style) and Metro Council member Tina Ward-Pugh.

And in Weather: WHAS-TV has finally got its new weather personality on the air. She’s Kristin Walls, from Stuebenville, Ohio. Here’s a talk she had with Ben Pine, in which she discusses, uh, the weather.

He Can Go Home Again, But: Michael Bishop’s lawyers are working hard, and have succeeded in evoking some sympathy from some people. But in court Friday, a judge said the 56-year-old who shot a 12-year-old with his shotgun from his Glenmary front porch can NOT have contact with the boys’ family, though the boy’s attorney wanted him banned from his own home. He’s out on bond, and is due back in court July 5.