And Did You Hear About the Guy Driving Around with his Junk Out?

There’s a lot of serious news being reported out there, but how can you not pay attention to the story of the 46-year-old Lyndon man, Robert Linton, who was busted on New LaGrange Road driving around at 2 a.m. in a shirt, shoes and, presumably, a smile. He blew a .18 on the breathalyzer and admitted to drinking 10 beers. Musta really been drunk to say that. The cops reported that they made him cover his “junk” with a t-shirt while trying to walk a straight line.

Off Come the Gloves: Here’s the new TV spot that goes all negative on David Williams, who’s doing nothing to rally from the 20-plus point deficit he’s facing in the polls on the governor’s race. Nothing short of putting Richie in next week’s Yum Center exhibition will save this guy:

Changing Corner: Those of us who remember Masterson’s dominating the corner of 3rd and Cardinal Boulevard for decades won’t recognize the place — today is the grand opening of Cardinal Towne, a campus housing and retail complex for U of L students.

Why You Don’t Want to be a School Bus Driver: This video was released today by the Attorney General.

Of Course He’s Not Going for that Merger: Gov. Beshear had some meetings with the groups interested in completing the hospital merger involving U of L and Catholic Health Initiatives, after which he said.  .  . nothing that would indicate he’s made a decision.

Marlowe’s Trial: It’s taken two years to prove what seemed obvious when the C-J first reported that Det. Crystal Marlowe was pinning crimes on innocent people. The police merit board uphead Chief Robert White’s firing of Marlowe today.  It’s just too bad that there’s not a crime to put innocent people in jail.

Light the Candles: Happy Birthday to former WLKY-TV anchor and blogger Abby Miller and local country music singer Olivia Henken.