And Some News

If this site were a person, we’d be wearing onesies and have just gotten home from the hospital. So please bear with us as we continue to make improvements. And thanks for stopping by, Louisville (too much “Anchorman” over the weekend).

One of the improvements is the calender you see to the right. I’m picking and choosing events worth mentioning there, so if you want your event up there, get in touch with me.

You can also expect to see more new writers making their initial posts on, as the site is continuing to grow in variety, quality and quantity. If you have something to say and can put a meaningful sentence together, especially in areas like sports, or crime,  or food, or even if you just want to be the chief blogging kahuna in your neighborhood, make your case with me.  I can set you up.

Our  designer, Jason Smith, gets credit with coming up with the new logo featuring the city’s skyline around the name of the site, and I’ll take credit for “The Pulse of the City,” with a nod to young entrepreneur Jim Gregory, who you’ll be hearing from here on the site very soon.

Now, on to some good local stuff:

Funny Because It’s True:  Sure, Gov. Beshear is probably going to win re-election. But John David Dyche’s phony “leaked memo” column sort of tells us why.

And Rand Paul Goes to a Black Church: Where he declined to answer, and interrupted, reporter’s questions.

Do You Believe? The idea that they’re going to build a big fancy library in Valley Station seems about as likely as seeing a couple of bridges built in my lifetime. But Council member Rick Blackwell is holding a meeting tonight to see if anyone cares about the proposed Southwest Library.

Hornets Redux: Locals continue talking about the NBA. Now it appears we can get the Hornets, the team J. Bruce Miller had in the bag a decade ago before they chose New Orleans. Key point in Andy Alcock’s story is Miller’s view that:  “. . . shortsighted lease giving total control to the University of Louisville. . .”  Say what you want about how great the job Jim Host did (raging debate on sports talk radio is whether Host should be Sportsman of the Year for Kentucky), U of L’s deal will keep the NBA out.

No doubt:  Zenyatta as Horse of the Year. Who could forget that stretch run against Blame in the Breeders Cup at Churchill Downs? Best near-miss in sports history by the most popular girl in town that day.  Still, the voting was close. Here’s Jennie Rees’ story.

Stupid Move(s) of the Day: First, you decide to drive a car after drinking enough to reach a .23 blood alcohol level. That causes you to hit a police cruiser in Crescent Hill about 10 p.m. So naturally, you bring your car to a stop on the railroad tracks there. 36-year-old Stephanie Kelley, formerly a prosecutor in Bullitt County, couldn’t explain why she was there.  Also in Bullitt, that Shepherdsville attorney, Chad Smith, reported missing had recently dodged a bullet (a real one) fired by his wife. And his car turned up on 7th Street. And now no one can find him.

Born Today, Many Years Ago:  Wayne Perkey, who has a new TV show premiering this week on WKYI and Indiana 9. Jason Falls, local social media guru. Friend of, neighbor and former co-worker Anne Thomas. And one of the city’s top attorneys leading the fight against the death penalty – Don Vish.  Happy Happy.