Anonymous calls for “cease fire” in respect for Sandy Hook victims, amid their ‘mission’

( Anonymous to Westboro: and my favorite line)
“Since your one-dimensional thought protocol will conform not to any modern logic, we will not debate, argue, or attempt to reason with you.”


and , Anonymous, and their comrades, #AnonOpsLegion,  recently called on all online gamers to a day of observation for the CT victims. Its a “Cease Fire” (#OScCeaseFire) for gamers to put their controllers down for the day of December 21, to show respect for the victims of Sandy Hook.  ( for minute to minute scoop- follow me on Twitter @cynnyshine )


#Anonymous asks its world to “cease fire” for a day to show respect for the Sandy Hook victims

And if you know me, I like someone who has respect for others, calls for right over wrong and calls BS when they see it ( just read my other blog posts) I am not one to gloss over the issues! There are many things that could spur on a wave of respect, and I love the fact that Anonymous is using extreme intelligence, fact based artillery and their talents to make the Westboro’s lives hell, while showing a determination to stop hate in its tracks.

Tweet of the day:

As of last night, we were all in tweet conversations and I should make some corrections here as to who is doing what:
Anonymous is a group of individuals who have certain skills they use to wreak non-violent havoc on certain facilities of their targets. Our pals @CosmoTheGod,  @th3j35t3r , @LulzPirate, and many others were hard @ work.

Yesterday, first up was @LulzPirate, who posted in pastebin, a DOX of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) leaders personal information, names, phone numbers and the like , as well as website domain names, Twitter handles etc.,
On the same day, @UGNazi took over Shirley Phelps-Roper’s Twitter feed @DearShirley.
The reason to share with the world the information? So those with other certain “talents” to use for their “attack” on said domains etc., and push these folks , without violence,  into submission.

In Newtown, CT.  today, we have Hell’s Angels on site, the KKK and average Joe’s all there, standing in unison against Westboro. Whats that tell ya?

Back to Anonymous: There is a method to their ‘madness’ quite literally, and I will not leak their plans here, although they are quite brilliant from what I can tell. Some may say- “ignore them and they will go away”- but this group? no- they wont. And they haven’t.
In fact, the #OpWBC was in full effect last night, even in Newtown, as the Anon loyal were converging on the city and looking for the WBC members. The leaders posted a very strategic methodology to their  presence, one which showed such grace, such respect;

” After seeing the strength of this community, and seeing how the people of Newtown and beyond gathered together in peace at St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church the night of this tragedy, there is no denying that the power of love can unite us and bring strength to this community. Let’s do what we can to show our love, and should these hatemongers enter our community, ensure that their words do not reach the ears and eyes of the grieving families.

(they list the funeral schedules for the victims) and go on to say: (Its a very long doc, but you get the gist) 

  1. There are some certain ground rules that we must instill at any counteractions, to keep this civil and to make sure that things do not get out of hand, along with properly respecting the memories of those that we have lost…
  2.  The one thing that we wish to urge is a sense of decorum and respect for these families and loved ones of those that are grieving. We love them, and we want to help them heal, but these people are going through something that many of us could never imagine
  3. Any actions must be 100% peaceful. These people are not only hateful, but very wise with legalities. They will attempt to rile people into attack. Do not sink to their levels. Be greater than them at all times. If they preach their hatred loud, sing louder with love. If they make their way towards anyone or any place that you feel inappropriate or offensive, do not combat them with violence. Rally a group together and simply form a human chain. They cannot, and as shown in the past, will not make violent attempts at breaking such human barriers. Do not threaten. Do not act out. Just combat hatred with love.


The day is young, and I will keep you posted on reports from Anonymous and our pals via twitter- follow me here: @cynnyshine