UPDATE: Horrific puppy abuse ends in euthanasia; Abuse is a crime, report it!

This is the afternoon update on our poor Puppy, “Chef”, who was left at Metro and kept alive vis the Shamrock Arrow Fund over the last 24 + hours.
We urge ANYONE who has knowledge of this crime to call LMPD immediately and anonymously to report the whereabouts of Chef’s owners, her litter mates, her parents or other dogs who are being treated in this manner.
Where there is one, there are others, and this poor puppy was a casualty of persons who do not value life. If that is the case, there may be a dog fighting ring who is using not only their own litters of puppies as bait for larger dogs to maul and kill, but they also are notorious for stealing dogs to use and ringers for their sick sport.
If you think this doesn’t affect you, you are mistaken, as even one of my own childhood pets was stolen from the east end for these horrific circumstances. I have never gotten over “Dempsey”, and what fate may have befallen the sweet pup of mine.
If you have ANY info please call 502-574-LMPD and report what you see.  The Shamrock Arrow Fund is an all volunteer group, raising 100% of their own funds to cover these atrocities. Links below will take you to their site.
This is the official release of the Shamrock Arrow Fund:

Many times we bring you stories of animal abuse cases that are terrible, but have happy endings. This is not one of them and Shamrock Arrow Fund would like your help in finding the persons responsible for this hideous act of abuse.

“Chef,” a female baby 8-10 week-old, blue and white Pit Bull puppy was found septic and very weak outside Metro Animal Services’ Manslick location Tuesday afternoon. A blue solution was all over her and her leg had been mauled.

After attempts to save her, several specialists believe it is in her best interest to euthanize her this afternoon.

If you have any information that can bring these abusers to justice, please call 502-361-1318 . The case is under investigation. Much-needed donations to cover the expenses for her medical care can be made to The Shamrock Arrow Fund by clicking on the Arrow Fund icon at shamrockpets.com.
Media Contact: Rebecca Eaves, The Shamrock Arrow Fund: 502-639-5210
The Shamrock Arrow Fund, a division of the Shamrock Pet Foundation, was established to rehabilitate the victims of extreme animal abuse and neglect and to bring awareness of the overall issue of animal cruelty in our community.
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I have spoken to Rebecca Eaves, and she is beside herself at the circumstances, not only of the abuse and suffering of Chef, but also the need to euthanize the pup. She was present all day with the pup and her caregivers, trying desperately to help Chef.
At the hands of some of the best vets in the area, the condition of little Chef was too poor on many levels to offer her the solutions of surgeries, and amputations to help her live.
You see, her condition upon arrival was dire, as she has maggots in the existing wounds, which incidentally had been covered by a type of poultice used on Horses wounds. Its a gentian violet mix that you paint on outside skin wounds. The problem was, Chef’s wounds were down to bare meat and bone, and the poultice only made her more weak, and even anemic as she was licking it off and ingesting it.
That coupled with the necropsy of the tissue on her wounded side, made an amputation impossible, as there was not enough healthy tissue to close the amputated cravass.
She was given antibiotics and pain killers during her care- but the most high powered antibiotics needed, are too strong for a weak pup, and could have exacerbated her illness by shutting down her kidneys.
Her “healthy side” was indeed mauled at some point, but those wounds had closed and healed over at some point during her short life.
At every turn, there was a new dilemma and cause to an effect for which the doctors could not overcome.
You may read the vet’s reports here as well.

DVM report of Chef, the abused pup

” Rebecca, I have attached a summary based on my evaluation of Chef. Please let me know if you have any questions…..I can only hope and pray that cruelty to animals will end, hopefully through continued education by veterinarians and dedicated groups like yours…..

Bless you, Dr. Britton”

Today’s original post:
Cruelty to animals is a crime. If you see any type of animal cruelty, please call 502.574.LMPD to report animal abuse. The locally founded, all volunteer 20 year old Shamrock Foundadtion, and its Shamrock Arrow Fund provides emergency care to extreme cases such as “Chef”.
"Chef" an 8 wk old puppy in severe abuse case in Louisville
From Rebecca Eaves, of the Shamrock Arrow Fund – “Chef” -female baby 8 to 10 week old blue and white pit bill puppy is in critical condition at LVSES .
She is septic and very weak. Metro called us , she was left out in a tote outside of the Manslick Location. A blue solution was all over her and her leg is just mauled . She is thin and very weak. Leg is cold and will need to be amputated -IF- we can get her stable . It will be a 2 very serious operations.Update:  LVSES – when checking her foot for pain – the foot just crumbled and maggots popped out. She is resting and is on good pain control. She made it through the night, and the doctors are evaluating her condition to progress with treatment.
She is tiny and has scars all over her. She has had a short life of abuse thus far… .She is on IV antibiotics, pain meds, and fluids. Her gums are pale.
We named her “Chef” because we got the call while at a Pampered Chef Party Fundraiser for The Arrow Fund. Thanks to Thomi Ham of Team Arrow who was with me and a special thanks to Jeff Duff for transporting Baby “Chef ” to LVSES for us ! Please send positive energy and prayers her way. She is such a little baby… ~Rebecca~Shamrock Arrow Fund~ to donate to her care go to www.shamrockpets.com and press on the Shamrock Arrow Fund Icon to help Baby “Chef”
Learn more about the Arrow Fund here: http://www.shamrockpets.com/about.html
To donate to her care go to www.shamrockpets.com and press on the Shamrock Arrow Fund Icon to help Baby “Chef”