Are You Overlooking Election Day?

No, I haven’t been paying close attention to the local political races. I hate that, because there are a few really interesting races being largely overlooked by the media.

Chief among those is the 37th District Republican State Senate primary, featuring well-known locals Doug Hawkins and Chris Thieneman. The latter, who is a friend and involved in this site, has survived two challenges to his candidacy based on residency issues. But just last week he was cleared by a court to compete in the race. He says he’s raised more than $40,000 and has signs all over the district. Meanwhile Hawkins, who Thieneman says is behind the two legal challenges though not named in the suits, reported raising a few hundred dollars.

The outspoken former Metro Councilman, who was defeated by Democrat David Yates in the 2010 elections, seems to be using the old tactic of robo-calling as his main campaign push. The winner faces longtime incumbent Democrat Perry Clark in the fall.

Another interesting primary is the Metro Council’s 18th District, where incumbent Republican Jon Ackerson was dissed by his colleagues on the Council, who are supporting Tea Party activist Marilyn Parker. Ackerson has clashed with his colleagues because some believe he’s too cozy with Democrats, among them his son Brent, a Democratic member of the Council.

Finally, the race to success Tim Shaughnessy in the State Senate District 19 has attracted four Democrats, with the winner facing no GOP challenger in the fall. Shaughnessy has held the seat since 1989.