Are you seeing red?

Have you noticed driving around our great city of Louisville  that every time you turn a corner you’re hitting a red light. As a Louisville realtor,  I’m on the streets daily showing clients Louisville homes. More often than not, every street I hit a red light! I’m not sure if something has changed or I’m just noticing  it more often, red light after red light. Maybe if we start talking about the problem enough our city leaders will understand there may be a problem and they may need to re-time the traffic lights.
It’s not only a waste of time but gas as we sit waiting for the red light to turn green. A number of other cities around the country have their traffic lights timed to make sure that cars drive smoothly from one street to the next. Again, this may all be my imagination but I haven’t noticed it before and maybe you are seeing the same thing. For the record, I’m not speeding and I’m not driving slowly just the speed limit. So city officials take notice we need some help out here!

Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor   7 years ago, and co-owner of The Medley Sokoler Team in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team by clicking Louisville Real Estate.