AT&T.. are you kidding?

I just read the latest “AT&T Enhances Wireless Coverage in Downtown Louisville” Report. This must be a press release from AT&T’s PR division. So if this e-mail/blog post reaches at least one of them I’ll feel better:

To all management at AT&T; you must be nuts. I used to be a supporter of AT&T. I ignored the reports of service problems in cities like San Francisco because I never had a major problem living here in Louisville.

That changed 2 weeks ago. I’m told after almost daily calls to your company that at least 1 cell tower is having major problems. That’s forcing calls to other cell towers. That’s why I can’t place a call from my office. The phone stalls in the calling mode. Noting! It sits! I wait! The phone stops dialing. I try again. The phone sits! I get angrier!!!!

Get the picture? So for you to release a press release that AT&T enhances wireless coverage is a disgrace! Do you think we’re oblivious to your attempt to promote your service in the wake of new IPhone competition with Verizon? Come on AT&T give us an ounce of credit.

Equally disturbing in a quote in this self-manufactured news story is a quote from Jim Wood, president and CEO of the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau “This new system means arena guests can better communicate using their cell phones no matter where they are on game or event days.” Hey Jim, what cup of Kool-Aid are you drinking from? How much money is AT&T dishing out to the city for a quote like that? I hope is substantial because it’s destroying your credibility.

I ask any AT&T manager to come to my office and try my phone. Better yet, try calling me (502) 376-5483. Often (when call traffic is up) inbound calls go right to voice-mail. I’m thrilled we’ll be able to make calls from the new YUM center. Rick P. will be happy. Now how about helping the rest of us who may have been loyal AT&T customers but are eying Verizon as an alternative. I know AT&T is coming out with new rate plans to try to retain customers. But if we can’t make or receive phone calls what good is a cheaper plan?

Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob and his Team at