Bachelor Party Extravaganza!!!

Really bad ideaWe’re back into full-on wedding mode.  We took a little break from planning…a little too long of a break maybe.  We’re now in the homestretch of the final details.  Brigid loves details, and I prefer to just assume that they will take care of themselves.  Needless to say my reassurance that as long as she and I and the judge show up “everything will be fine” is not too effective.  We’re actually trying really hard to remember that this is supposed to be an adventure.

So, in the spirit of adventures, this weekend is my bachelor party!  At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to do anything, but I’m getting pretty excited about it.  Let me relate to you very briefly the three most recent bachelor party horror stories…

1. Most recent bachelor party, I found a member of the party, 75% naked and %110 intoxicated, passed out inside a locked bathroom stall;

2. Bachelor party before that, a member of the party (who shall remain nameless) had so much fun on night one of the weekend that he spent all of day two blessing the streets of Memphis with the contents of his stomach; and

3. The one before that, limo was required to take the bachelor back to his house before it was even dark outside and his buddy ended up having to have knee surgery because of the affair.

Bachelor parties are clearly dangerous.  Someone always drinks too much and someone else (or the same someone) always says something not nice to someone he/she loves, and that’s if it goes well.  So I demanded that my bachelor party weekend would be low-key.  No major plans, no pressure, no utter stupidity.  Just a few friends with some good music and a few beers.  That is what I hope happens.

Having said that, let me tell you another quick story.  It turns out I have amazing friends.  In addition to planning a weekend in Nashville, one decided to get a little creative with the planning options.  He thought, “Why not get some local help?”  Enter Craigslist.

Bachelor Party Planner Needed (Nashville, TN)

Looking for someone to assist with the logistics and planning of the weekend-long party. The event will take place July 8-10, and the guests are from out of town. The planner will assist with finding transportation (primarily for evening of July 9), suggested locations (bars, clubs, etc) to visit, and ensuring the party crew does not have to wait in any lines at said locations. This is a great gig for local college students or interns who are looking to make some easy money. If interested, please send an email explaining how you will help make this a great event.

Bachelor Party Intern…best idea ever!  Here are some of the gems from the responses:

“This is a job that I can do with no problems and you would have no worries in achieving the goals that you seek to complete.”

“I drove for the Downtown Doubletree for two years and I have so many connects that will set your party off,,,”

…and the winner is…

“Well I was a strip dancer and club manager for 20yrs.  I would start with a lite dinner at Hooters or Bailys downtown.”

Her comments also included the phrase “no stretch marks.”


The moral of this tale is there is a reason that they make movies about bachelor parties.  Also, the intern position is obviously still available if you are interested.