Back-Side, Front-Side, I wore my Fascinator backwards.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           One more day to broadcast from the Backside.  

 Photo One:  As promised, a photo of Rocky Knight with mounds of  Krispey Kreme Donuts which are handed out early mornings at Dawn at the Downs.  Friday, KOOL Louisville Oldies 1570am  Kirby Adams and Rocky Knight bring you live interviews from the Backside.   

Photo two: Rows of white three sided tents house crews from radio channels and t.v. stations during early mornings Derby week.  Photo Three: Later in the day moved to the “front of the house” or the Main Gate.  Ran into Mint Jubilee Host and actor Matt Battaglia.  The Mint Jubilee will be held Friday night at the Palace Theater.                                                                                                               Photo Four:  Noticed trainer Bob Baffert signing autographs along the rail about 4pm.  

      OBSERVATIONS:      This was my first time to attend the Thursday races Derby week.  What a great time!  Saw lots of friends, no lines for betting, no waiting to get into the restrooms, easy to get around Churchill, not too tough to park.  Made a little money, laughed a lot, traffic was so light got home in time to take my 11 year old to soccer practice.  Realized on the way home that I had worn my  Christine Moore,Fascinator (tiny hat) backwards all day.  Didn’t look that much different but gave me an incredible headache.   Ladies bring some flats  for the long walk back to the car.  A woman was selling flip-flops along Central avenue. I would have loved a pair (three-inch heels left my feet screaming) –bring your flip flops so you don’t have to spend the money.  Go buy a couple of rain ponchos NOW.  They tend to sell out if there is a threat of rain.  You don’t want to have to buy one outside the track race day instead of $3 you’ll spend $15.   Keep your camera close, you never know when you will need it.  I DO hope you have a great Derby wherever you are and whatever you do.  Remember to check out the great local music and entertainment happening all over town this time of year. Plenty to do once you leave the track.! 

    Tomorrow one last time from the backside!