Bar Fights and Bingo


While driving a taxi on Friday and Saturday nights it is not uncommon to see a drunken bar fight. Usually it is two guys yelling at each other with just enough distance between them that they will not actually have to take a hit.

There was middle-of-the-night action at Bingo City

There was an exception this Friday night. I was parked at Molly Malone’s in St. Matthews around midnight when a patron of the bar walked out toward the taxi line screaming at someone on his phone.  He was stumbling around visible drunk and calling the person on the other end of the line every bad name in the book.  It didn’t take long for the other guy to come out of the bar and confront this person.  Words were exchanged and it seemed like the two were going to walk away and not duke it out in the middle of the street. Then it happened…

The first guy that was initiating the fight from his cell phone in the middle of the street said the magic words.

“You’re just mad because I had her in bed before you did!”

Followed by “How are my sloppy seconds?!”

(What happened next can be described as the best course of action when getting into a fight around the bouncers and cops outside of a bar.)

Guy #2 stopped in his tracks and calmly walked over to the other person who had talked about his lady friend.  They were standing behind a couple of cars blocked from the eye line of the bouncers and without a word stepped back and threw a right cross that leveled him.  He had a cigarette in his mouth which added to the dramatics of the fight.  The flame of the cigarette exploded on impact and his knees buckled.  He was knocked out!  Perfect shot right on the chin.  All the taxi drivers were cheering. What a show.

As his punching bag was staggering to his feet he came out from behind the cars so the bouncers and police would see him.   Just like clockwork the guy stumbled after him and tried to throw some wild punches missing every time.  Bouncers see the action and break up the fight.

When it was all said and done the guy that initiated the fight and was knocked out was taken away in handcuffs and got a ride to the police station in the back seat of a squad car.  The guy that threw the knockout punch went back into the bar to enjoy his night with the girl.

Bingo City on a Saturday night at 3am was packed.  I w0nder if there is a bar inside…