Being Healthy Starts on the Inside – Where Has All the Laughter Gone?

I love to watch people at airports, malls, parks and church. I wonder what they had done to get them here? What attracted  two people to be together at this time? What makes that one tick or that one over there work so hard? And sadly, I wonder with most of them where has all the laughter gone?

Studies show that children laugh approximately 400 times per day while adults laugh as little as 15 times a day. Studies also show that laughter helps lower blood pressure, strengthens immune systems, and helps lower stress hormones. There are no known studies of negative side effects to
laughter. No wonder we have a health crisis on our hands. But, my question is, “What does it do to the Spirit?”

Sure in today’s economy it may be hard to laugh, but can you remember the last time you chuckled so hard your stomach ached? Can you remember when you even laughed at all?

Here are five suggestions for making your life fuller with laughter in such a pessimistic, negative world.

1. Watching TV less or not at all. TV is a meaningless habit of filling your brain with tons of negative information.

2. Read a book or start a “creative” hobby instead.
3. Be very selective on who you spend quality time with. Whether you realize it or not certain people can bring you down, we do become like those we hang around.
4. Force yourself to get out of your boat of daily habits. Try new things you’ll be surprised how it will affect you.

5. Have a career not a job. Do something you love to do in life for money.

You may ask, “What does laughter have to do with being over weight?” You see, bad eating behavior stems from emotions, lack of time and pre planning. When the insides are in turmoil the outsides pay the price. We eat to curb the strife. We binge to suppress unhappiness.

The point is, happier people use food as a crunch much less than those who are not emotionally at peace. Laughter may be the best diet pill you can take, I suggest trying it today!