The Benefits Of Using Amazon Chime & Connect In Business

2020 has seen many businesses implementing Amazon Chime and Connect, and this is for good reason because it can bring many benefits and help companies to remain productive during what has been a challenging few months. Amazon Chime is an advanced communications service that can streamline communication and make it easy to carry out online meetings, video conferences, team talks, and other forms of communication. At the same time, Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact center to help companies provide customer service through both voice and chat. So, what are the benefits of adopting both Amazon Chime and Connect? Read on to find out more.

Overcome Key Remote Work Challenges

The main reason that there has been a surge in the popularity of both Chime and Connect is that it is perfect for remote working, which many businesses have had to get used to in 2020. Communication can be a huge issue when it comes to remote work, but Chime can easily overcome these issues and make it easy for teams to engage and stay connected while working from home – this also helps with the mental health issues that can arise with remote work.

Provide High-Quality Customer Service

In terms of Amazon Connect, this allows you to provide superior customer service. Customer service has always been vital to attracting and retaining customers and brand reputation, plus it is particularly important now in a time where consumer confidence is low, and you need to engage with customers. Connect allows for web and mobile chat, natural language chatbots, high-quality audio, outbound calling, and call recording, just to name a few key features. Not only this, but it is available at a lower cost than most traditional systems.

Keep Productivity Levels High

Both Chime and Connect both ensure that employees can work to a high standard and be productive, even when working from home unsupervised. This is because both are easy to implement and use so staff can easily get to grips with both platforms and use them to excel in their role. Productivity is a major concern for business owners when working remotely. Still, actually many are more productive when working from home, especially if they have the best software at their disposal.

Easy To Monitor & Manage

Of course, implementing new solutions will always be a challenge, but it is easy to monitor and manage both Chime and Connect with Code Software. This provides businesses with analytics tools that can monitor and manage these platforms so that user adoption is made more accessible, productivity remains high, and data can be used to identify ways in which improvements can be made, such as finding ways to save on call costs.

Both Amazon Chime and Connect are highly worth implementing and can bring these benefits amongst many more to your business. This is particularly important in a time where most are working remotely, which means that having the best and latest tools and software can help you to overcome these issues and thrive during what is a challenging time for both businesses and employees.

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