Benny is Building Weirdness on Bridges Debate

A hundred years from now, when locals talk about how they almost screwed up the waterfront by covering it with lanes and lanes of interstate and tried to build unneeded bridges across the Ohio, Benny Breeze will be an interesting footnote. He’s the star of a new media campaign financed by pro-Bridge forces that is in the process of offending African-Americans under the guise of raising awareness (huh?) about the importance of the $2.9 billion boondoggle.

Here’s Benny:


But give the LEO story a read to understand the bizarre-ness of it all. Here’s a portion:

. . . Benny Breeze, the main character of a short film whose purpose is to “educate and entertain” the community about the $2.9 billion public works project in what amounts to a bizarre media campaign and bus tour bankrolled by pro-bridges project financiers that some members of the anti-toll activist community are calling an “astro-turfing” effort designed to distract, mislead and — at worst — offend.

Organizers promise a full media campaign, and Benny is appearing at a couple of spots today — including Ivy Tech in Sellersburg at 11

Don’t expect Benny to add anything but confusion to the public’s understanding of the project and its importance.